Hamdard Gıda has a modern and developed production area in Tosya/Kastamonu. The facility is fully operational with the latest pharmaceutical GMP standard equipment that protects the natural environment.

Hamdard Gıda has a GMP compliant, developed, two-storey, 4300 square meter indoor area. Hamdard food has passed the latest ISO and HACCP certification and is competent. Currently, the facility consists of a general-purpose production area, a specialized cosmetics manufacturing facility, and a dedicated production area for the production of liquid products. In addition, it has a different layer, which is decided for the manufacture of solid dosage forms - tablets and capsules. The newly built liquid and semi-solid production area will also start production at this facility. In addition, the facility has many warehouses for raw materials, packaging materials and end products to meet the increasing demand in domestic and international markets. Production and packaging processes are carried out according to verified methods through regularly working quality machines with full documentation at every stage of the operations.

The production site follows the GMP rules according to the requirements of the production and packaging site and also complies with the ISO requirements along with the HACCP guideline. The highly advanced HVAC system is used to supply, ventilate and control the clean air in the working area according to the concept of the production area. Thanks to this system, the temperature and humidity levels are kept at the desired level. Air conditioning system and plant design: İklimlendirme sistemi ve tesisin tasarımı :
➮It prevents the product from getting dirty.
➮Protects the environment.
➮Vermin, insect, bird, etc. Provides care to prevent entry.
➮Provides many areas that prevent direct contact of the production area with the outside.
Training programs are carried out regularly according to a written plan. Staff at all levels undergo general GMP, HAACP and Technical training to perform their work with quality. Pure water and distribution center; It has the latest technology consisting of a 24-hour circulation circuit, smooth interior surfaces and suitable materials and is designed to maintain the water quality according to the relevant conditions.




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